Calling All Poets

Abundance NC’s first ever poetry open-mic with Gary Phillips and Paul Richmond
at the Pittsboro Farm and Forest Trail Grand Opening,  Saturday, May 21st                                            2:30pm-4pm for youth, 5:30-7 for adults

Located at 220 Lorax Lane, Pittsboro NC

        To sign up, please email

Calling all poets!  Abundance NC invites you to participate in our first ever poetry open-mic.  Your thoughts and words are powerful.  We’d like to hear them.  Spoken loudly.  Into a microphone.  Sharing your stories.  Joys.  Sorrows.  Passion.  Pain.  Folklore.  First love.  Humor.  Horror.  Spirituality.  Spoken word.  Evocation.  Exhilaration.  Glimpses into your everyday life.  And everything in between.


Because “Nature is the art of God.”  And the oral tradition is the art of the common folk.  It’s what lasts the longest and cuts the deepest.  It’s a way of honoring the world around you.

The spoken word transcends the limits of our history books – reaching further back than our own written word – accessible to everyone.  The spoken word is a roadmap of our collective memory as a culture, as a country, and as a world.

You’ll never remember everything you read about Martin Luther King but you will always remember that day in the 1st grade when your teacher – Mrs.Cook – sat your class down in a circle on the cold linoleum floor and  had you listen to a well-worn cassette tape of  “I have a dream.”   You’ll never remember that card your grandmother gave you for your 13th birthday, but you will always remember the words to the song she sang just under her breath whenever she rolled out her pie crusts.  The spoken wold puts shivers down your spine and passion in your heart.  It’s a call to action.  This is why we call to you, poets.

Join the Reverend Gary Phillips and Author Paul Richmond for an afternoon of poetry open mic.  The event is part of the Pittsboro Farm and Forest Trail grand opening.  If you’d like to participate, please email


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calling all poets

Calling All Poets

Abundance NC’s first ever poetry open-mic with Gary Phillips and Paul Richmond at the Pittsboro Farm and Forest Trail Grand Opening,  Saturday, May 21st                                            2:30pm-4pm for youth, 5:30-7 for adults Located at 220 Lorax Lane,… 

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Z's Memorial Fund cover

Zafer Julian Estill Memorial Fund

  In gratitude of your kindness and spirit. Tami Schwerin and Lyle Estill, of Moncure, have lost their son, Zafer, affectionately known to many as simply “Z.” Zafer was a traveler, an explorer, and an avid tennis player who loved to skateboard, hike, kayak, and follow his favorite sports teams. Zafer loved water sports of… 

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climate Justice NOW!

Why 2016 will be the Best Year Yet for Climate Justice

Already in 2016, communities around the world have been forced to confront climate disasters of all sorts. ​Latin American countries are working with a sense of urgency to prevent transmission of the Zika virus, which spreads increasingly quickly in rising temperatures. From Indonesia to Malawi, people are grappling with the effects of what NASA estimates… 

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Is Hydroponic Food as Healthy as Traditional Soil Grown Food?

Is Hydroponic Food as Healthy as Traditional Soil Grown Food? by Rachel Tinker-Kulberg, PhD The USDA estimates that 23 million people have inadequate access to healthy and affordable food and as a result food-related illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and obesity are currently on the rise in this country. Organically soil… 

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Upcoming workshops + events


Sustainability Tour of our Eco-Industrial Park


Come visit and see a working sustainable biodiesel plant, a sustainable agriculture farm, vermiculture, a biodiversity garden, a green building model, an organic local food distributor, a huge solar array with shade-tolerant plants growing underneath it, a micro-distillery, and an organic pesticide/herbicide manufacturer, and much more!

chicken 8 x 10 em  _7454

Intro to Backyard Poultry

A DIY Sustainability Workshop
with Audrey Williams & Amy Crawford•
MAY 14, 1-4 PM:

Interested in raising backyard chickens? We will cover all of the basics, including differences between breeds, habitat and feed requirements, coop styles and seasonal concerns…

IMG_4262 (2)

Self-Sufficiency and Solar

A DIY Sustainability Workshop
May 21, 10 AM – 4 PM:

Spend the day on an off-grid permaculture based homestead learning the ins and outs of self-sufficiency and solar. During this hands-on workshop, you’ll get the chance to get your hands dirty, rigging up a couple of systems with truly passionate teacher!”

PLAY OUTSIDE! 2 trail Event page

Farm and Forest Trail Grand Opening

An Health & Wellness Partnership Kick Off Event
with Abundance NC & Chatham Partnership for Children•
Saturday, May 21, 2 PM – 9 PM:

Join us for a fun day celebrating health in the outdoors! Play outside! Get moving. Watch the birds! Join in community. We’ll have: Music…Spoken word…Food trucks….Fair Game Beverage….Trail tours…Kids activities….(2 – 5 pm) – fort building, fairy huts, hoola hoops, parachutes, face painting

PK spring 2016

Pecha Kucha – Spring 2016

A Quarterly Storytelling Event
Tuesday, May 24, 6 – 8:30 PM:

Pecha Kucha brings people together to present and discuss ideas. Presenters have 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to discuss. CALL FOR PRESENTERS! Email us with your passionate ideas to share….

Death & cupcakes header2

Death and Cupcakes – Spring 2016

An open discussion about Death, Dying, and Grief
JUN 5, 1 PM – 3:30 PM:

During this Death Cafe style event, we’ll have an open, organic discussion on anything relating to death. Bring your stories, poems, griefs, sorrows, joys, tears, jokes, wills…. bring it ALL. We’ll listen as a community. Let’s keep this conversation alive. And yes – cupcakes will be served.


Bikes & Barnyards Summer Camp

A Summer Camp
June 13, 8 AM – June 17, 5 PM:

Days of exploring, laughing, and riding, learning camp & forest skills and stewardship, care & functioning of ecosystems and nature and, discovering cooking local! On the last we’ll camp out under the stars while preparing a meal over a fire! The hope is that you’ll never want to go a day without riding your bike again!

More Upcoming Events »