PKN PBO Presentation Guidelines

So, you want to present a topic at Pecha Kucha Night Pittsboro? Awesome! We’re excited to have you at the next event!

Here is everything you need to know when creating your presentation!

Presentations will be displayed on a projector from a Apple MacBook Pro using Key Note. You will be standing at a microphone to the side of the projection screen. You will be able to see the “presenter’s view” on the screen of the laptop to give you an idea of where you are in your presentation.

Presentation Guidelines (These are *very* strict!)

  • 20 total slides
  • 20 seconds per slide. No Exceptions.
  • Static Slides Only – NO transitions (fading, moving, sliding, etc.)
  • Keep printed words to a minimum.
  • Use high contrast for text, common fonts & a 36 text size minimum.
  • Maximize use of Photos, Diagrams, Charts, etc. Pictures should be on at least 18/20 slides.
  • 20 second video clip without sound is OK.
  • NO sound.
  • The spirit of the presentations are to be about a concept or idea that you are passionate about. NO Advertisements or business pitches.
  • Presentation should be original and not a stock presentation that you give every month!

Submission Guidelines & Procedures

  • Email your topic, blurb & photo to ASAP for consideration.
  • If accepted, your information will be added to the PKN PBO Presenter List.
  • Email your completed presentation 1 week prior to the event to
  • Presentation too large to email? Use
  • Your presentation will be imported, reviewed & a PDF will be emailed to you fo review. Please send any corrections back at least 24 hours before the event.

Acceptable Presentation Formats

  • PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)
  • Key Note (.key)
  • Please convert/export Open Office presentations to PowerPoint format
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